Our French deeptech company is dedicated to the development of an innovative electric
motor and provides advanced engineering services to its industrial clients.


Our French deeptech company is dedicated to the development of an innovative electric motor
and provides advanced engineering services to its industrial clients.


The innovation driven by our high-tech company is shaping the future of sustainable mobility. Our electrification solutions can power vehicles, rolling equipment, as well as onboard auxiliary systems.

Today, our industrial dynamism combines the design and production of electric motors, along with the provision of advanced expertise to enhance the performance for each customer.

Our high-tech company, labeled French Tech 2030, embodies French excellence. It integrates robust research efforts, the consolidation of specialized expertise, and the establishment of a high-performing industrial infrastructure.


Our history

In 2011, WHYLOT was founded in Cambes, in the heart of the Mécanic Vallée in the Lot region of France. Romain Ravaud, a Ph.D. in mechatronics, an engineer in vibrations and acoustics, made the decision to leverage his scientific research. His engineering firm embraced groundbreaking technology by combining expertise in mechanics, electromagnetism, and thermodynamics.

Since then, our commitment has been focused on developing a comprehensive and innovative solution, encompassing everything from design and testing to the industrialization of high-performance and cost-effective axial flux electric motors.


Key actors in the automotive, aerospace, railway, and off-road sectors are influencing the trajectory of future mobility. Confronted with the dwindling availability of raw materials and the environmental repercussions of thermal engines, the electrification of motors is gaining traction.

The current challenge lies in pioneering clean mobility ! Industry players are confronted with challenges such as weight reduction, enhanced efficiency, resource efficiency, and the intelligence of onboard systems. WHYLOT’s innovative technology is poised to address each of these challenges effectively.


From 2011 to 2015, our cutting-edge innovation garnered recognition through various awards. A significant achievement occurred in 2015 with the establishment of our Cambes factory, spanning over 1,500 square meters. This facility featured specialized test benches that facilitated the execution of prototype motor testing campaigns.

In 2017, we successfully validated the concept of a lossless rotor, a pivotal technological breakthrough for our solution. The subsequent year marked a significant milestone as we entered into a study contract with the Renault Group.

WHYLOT has secured the intellectual property of its advancements in axial flux electric motor technology with 50 patents safeguarding the developed technological building blocks.


In 2021, WHYLOT was selected by the French government to lead the innovative “Rare Earth-Free Magnet” (ASTR) program. As part of France Relance, our industrial SME received a €5.1 million grant.

Simultaneously, the construction permit to establish the production line for electric motors was filed. It was also the year when the strategic partnership with Renault Group was sealed. The automotive manufacturer became a minority shareholder in our company.

In 2022, WHYLOT established a presence in Massy, in the Paris region, near the Paris-Saclay scientific and technological cluster.

32 common patents link WHYLOT and RENAULT GROUP.

Our company plans to double its workforce within 2 years, reaching 100 employees by 2025. At this time, the production of a small series of WHYLOT axial flux electric motors is scheduled to commence. The new WHYLOT production line will be capable of manufacturing and assembling 800 motors per year.

Our high-tech SME continues its developments across all sectors of mobility (aerospace, railway, maritime, off-road).

*Scopus Young Scientist Award France 2011.

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