Joining WHYLOT is a unique opportunity to become part of a cutting-edge French high-tech company at the forefront of global innovation.


Our revolutionary technology, unparalleled on a global scale, has been conceived, constructed, and cultivated in the heart of Lot, at Cambes. We are firmly connected to our region and origins, taking pride in our contribution to French technological excellence. WHYLOT thrives on a team where the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and journeys are invaluable assets, empowering us to pioneer the future of mobility.


You’ll collaborate with top-tier experts in a multicultural and inspiring environment, where teamwork lies at the heart of WHYLOT’s engineering and R&D efforts. Surrounded by passionate individuals who played a key role in developing high-efficiency axial flux motors, you’ll engage daily with specialists dedicated to meeting our clients’ demands.

Pioneering the Future of Mobility with WHYLOT

By promoting the future of electric propulsion through high-efficiency axial flux technology, you will join us in the effort to mitigate the environmental impacts of transportation and travel.

Infuse Purpose into Your Work with WHYLOT

If you have a passion for innovation, technology, and the environment, WHYLOT is the perfect company for you to lend significance to your work and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient future for everyone.

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Héloïse Boudarel

Mechanical R&D Engineer

This Ph.D. holder in mechanical engineering, graduated from the University of Clermont Auvergne, joined WHYLOT in 2019.

“At WHYLOT, the close proximity of the industrial workspace to the design office enables us to have a hands-on involvement in the products under development. Personally, I find satisfaction in actively contributing to the company’s evolution. Its dynamism and agility are tailored for significant projects, incorporating technology that resonates across various aspects of mobility.”

Valentin Boudot

Test Bench Design Engineer

The engineer joined WHYLOT in 2019 through an apprenticeship and later was hired as a project manager for test bench design.

“WHYLOT is developing a technology that is unique in the world. We have the opportunity to shape the future of eco-mobility. It’s a source of pride to lead this project in Lot, my hometown.”

Jérémy Carles

Lead Designer

This designer, with expertise in engines, tools, and test benches, demonstrates proficiency in both 2D and 3D design. Having joined in 2016, he took on the the position of lead designer in 2021.

“Being a member of WHYLOT means embarking on a fantastic adventure, right in my local community. I’ve showcased genuine versatility in my various roles and have had the chance to cultivate personal and professional growth. The everyday camaraderie in the workplace is something I truly value. WHYLOT stands at the forefront of innovation, and simultaneously being located in the countryside adds an extra layer of enjoyment.”

Orlane Jouanneau

Mechanical Materials Engineer

The engineer, who previously worked in the biomedical sector, joined WHYLOT in 2023.

“At WHYLOT, the motivation goes beyond the economic aspect. Our focus is on advancing science in the realms of technology and engineering. I value this forward-looking vision.”

Manon Burellier

Automation Engineer

Starting with an internship, followed by an apprenticeship, the engineer smoothly transitioned from academic studies to the professional realm at WHYLOT.

“WHYLOT is experiencing rapid growth and offers opportunities for everyone. The company allows individuals to assume responsibilities in projects, even shortly after joining.”

Stève Kieffer

Automotive Project Manager

Automotive project manager for the past 10 months, coming from Renault.

“WHYLOT is a new professional challenge as much as a new life project, in the heart of Lot: I’m part of the adventure of a futuristic, innovative, and rapidly growing startup. Everything here is agile and flexible.”

Serghei Savin

Head of Electrotechnical Design Office

The electrical engineer became a part of WHYLOT in 2015 and advanced within the company, ultimately assuming the leadership of the Design Office in 2020.

“Our company relies on innovation for its success, but also on its employees to maintain a competitive edge! In eight years, I’ve been involved in the design and testing of four waves of engines, including overseeing the industrialization process and client interactions: it’s very intensive and enriching for an engineer like me.”

Olivier Lancelot

Methods Technician

The industrial designer who arrived in 2019 has progressed to the position of Methods Technician in 2022.

“WHYLOT is first and foremost a human story. The company placed trust in me, enabling me to acquire valuable skills. Now, I can actively contribute to projects with applications that will shape our future lifestyles. The internal atmosphere and relationships with colleagues create a sense of being part of a large family.”

François Gibrat

Factory / Safety Manager

Having previously worked in an automotive foundry, the industry specialist joined WHYLOT in 2021.

“I put my experience and industrial expertise to the service of a cutting-edge technology company, located in the heart of a unique territory. I appreciate being part of the development of WHYLOT and the electromobility sector. It’s a very stimulating challenge.””

Aurélien Catoliquot

Factory Operator

The factory operator initially joined WHYLOT in 2021 as a temporary worker before securing a permanent position.

“I quickly found my place at WHYLOT because the tasks assigned to me are diverse and varied. The startup spirit is still present and encourages everyone to be versatile and creative.”

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