Joining WHYLOT means becoming part of an expert and dedicated team that
collaborates daily and envisions the future of tomorrow’s mobility.


Joining WHYLOT means becoming part of an expert and dedicated team that
collaborates daily and envisions the future of tomorrow’s mobility.


We are actively shaping a future of sustainable mobility, driven by the belief that our efforts will contribute to a better world tomorrow. In tackling this significant challenge, each member of the WHYLOT team is a valuable asset to our innovative company. Regardless of their professional background, we are dedicated to nurturing their personal and professional development.
From its humble beginnings, the WHYLOT team has expanded, placing emphasis on the human and collaborative elements that fortify its foundation. Founder Romain Ravaud continues to be the driving force behind the venture, upholding the pioneering spirit that defines the company.

We prioritize diversity, a range of experiences, and the openness of our teams as crucial. This commitment serves as a constant source of enrichment and stands as a strategic cornerstone for the successful execution of our project.





Conviviality is more than just a value : it is a way of life.
We believe in the power of human connections and in creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere within our team. This commitment is reflected in various ways, such as after-work events, team-building days dedicated to strengthening our team spirit, and birthday celebrations that remind us that each member of our company is unique and valuable.

At WHYLOT, we take pride in fostering an environment where work seamlessly blends with friendliness, creating a harmonious atmosphere that nurtures the personal and professional growth of every team member.

Emulation, innovation, and diversity stand as our guiding pillars.

The WHYLOT team draws strength from a diverse and international composition, encompassing representatives from 7 nationalities. Women constitute 25% of our workforce and play a pivotal role in our success.

Committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, we prioritize continuous improvement and employee well-being. The unwavering dedication and loyalty of our team members to the WHYLOT project propel us towards our collective ambition.

Our workforce, comprised of 70% engineers and PhDs, boasts an average age of 35 years.


WHYLOT is experiencing rapid growth and aims to fortify its core foundations and expertise across various roles.

In our quest for excellence, possessing a degree is not the sole criterion we emphasize during the hiring process. We prioritize attributes such as a positive attitude and a willingness to collaborate within a collective dedicated to progress.

We also recognize and value traits like an inclination for innovation, research capabilities, and product development skills. The eagerness to bring significance to one’s work, the drive to undertake challenges, and the ability to envision oneself contributing to an emerging sector are highly appreciated qualities.


We have established an uplifting and motivational work environment, rooted in collaboration as the cornerstone of our growth and success. Situated in the heart of Lot, with some members based in the Paris region, WHYLOT’s team is intimately connected to the company’s origins, proudly embodying this philosophy. It is an indispensable component of our collective project.

“Testing facilities, a cutting-edge industrial workspace, and offices strategically located in both urban and rural settings.”

Ensuring workplace excellence has been a top priority for our leaders from the outset. WHYLOT boasts cutting-edge functional test benches designed to comprehensively characterize our advancements. Spanning 1500 m2, our company is fully equipped to conduct on-site testing across all crucial phases of our engine, including:

· Reliability testing for cycles,
· High-speed assessments,
· Performance characterization,
· Torsion and flexion fatigue for rotor,
· Fatigue testing under magnetic stress,
· Traction testing.

Our industrial SME relies on a comprehensive R&D strategy, safeguarding our achievements and harnessing proprietary technology designed to endure over time.

On a broader scale, WHYLOT provides a contemporary and invigorating professional environment, fostering open dialogue among colleagues. Our branch in Massy, situated in the Paris region, serves as an innovation hub in direct collaboration with our key industrial partners. Since our inception, we have maintained a presence in the countryside. This local rootedness in the heart of Lot, which we take pride in, is forward-looking.

Joining WHYLOT guarantees exposure to the pinnacle of technology and the future of mobility, both internally and through our network of partners. Additionally, WHYLOT is committed to ethical practices, contributing to the advancement of society.

We prioritize individuality over predefined profiles in our selection process.

We highly value the efficiency and transparency of our recruitment process.

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