The Company

WHYLOT is a French SME founded in 2011 by Dr Romain RAVAUD, its current CEO. The company is based in South-West France, in the town of Cambes, in the Lot Department.

WHYLOT specialises in developing different technical and electromagnetic products, such as miniature electric motors, magnetic couplings and electromagnetic actuators.

To date, WHYLOT R&D has patented 26 innovations for its products and remains true to this IP aspect as one of the most active companies in its area of research.

Our goals

  • Lighter : reduce the weight and overall volume of electrical systems by keeping the same features (torque, performance, power)
  • Smarter : add new functions by keeping the same active parts, e.g. force, stiffness and torque measurement of motors with the same coils
  • Cheaper : reduce the use of raw materials and maintenance costs, leading to competitive prices and lower long-term costs.

Our expertise

  • WHYLOT innovates by offering new magnetic circuit topologies leading to ultra-compact and ultra-light electric motors and magnetic actuators.
  • The mechanical and magnetic design of our magnetic actuators helps overcome sealing and mechanical transmission problems which are often encountered with existing magnetic actuators on the market.

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Dr. Romain RAVAUD

Dr. Romain RAVAUD


Romain Ravaud is a Doctor of Mechatronics and qualified acoustics engineer. In 2011 he received the Scopus Young Scientist Award and has won many prizes internationally for his research and studies.

He is the author of a reference publication on the analytical modelling of magnetic systems and has written numerous articles in international reviews.

Constant innovation

Our design and manufacturing expertise of electromagnetic systems, coupled with our constantly innovative approach at the heart of the “Mechanical Valley”, enables us to offer our customers original high-tech systems at competitive prices.

Quercypôle 2 - 46100 Cambes - France Tél. : +33 (0)5 65 10 12 00