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Following an eco-responsible approach,we manufacture electric motors that are very energy efficient,maintenance and cost of production.

WHYLOT has developed very innovative concepts concerning the topology and electromagnetic architecture of electric motors. WHYLOT’s main patents have enabled the company to produce engines that are much lighter and smaller than existing ones for high power and efficiency.

At the same time, WHYLOT offers a mechanical torque and a higher power, respectively. It requires less rare earth metals,which greatly reduces its cost gives it a very competitive position in the market.

Everything You Need


400 kW | 1250 Nm | 4000 RPM


11 kW | 50 Nm | 2500 RPM


40 kW | 240 Nm | 12000 RPM


up to 1 MW transient


350 kW | 5000 Nm | 3500 RPM


200 kW | 600 Nm | 5000 RPM


120 kW | 120 Nm | 14000 RPM


840 W | 5 Nm | 4000 RPM

Product Innovation

  • Lighter weight product, smaller than a radial flow reference motor(30 kg 22 kg in active parts for 100 kW – 2min motor).
  • Almost total elimination of rotor losses at high speed and revolution in the technology of an ironless rotor. Breakthrough in the field of manufacturing magnets
  • Saving up to 30 of BOM on the material part, industrial process adapted to the large series.

Key innovations related to products

Rotor Hybrid Steel

Composite for high speed application

Motor 120 kW – 20 kg [0-14,000] rpm Axial Flux
(developed in 2015)

New Stator Structure

Variable studs with nested mechanical strength

EPS motor 1 kW [0-4000] rpm
(developed in 2016)

Rotor Composite

Fiberglass composite rotor cargo magnets crossing

Electric Motor 25 kW
(developed in 2014)


On tooth with insulation guiding copper wire

15 kW Compact Axial Flux Motor with Teeth Winding
(developed in 2017)

New Rotor Structure

Avoid rotor heating

Engine test bench
Endurance cycle – thermal cycles

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