Compact Electric motor

We use an eco-responsible approach to make highly energy-efficient motors that cost less to maintain and produce. 

WHYLOT has developed highly innovative concepts for the electromagnetic topology and design of electric motors. The main WHYLOT patents have enabled the company to produce much lighter and smaller motors than existing products with greater power and efficiency.

At the same time, WHYLOT offers superior mechanical torque and power. The motors require less rare earth metals, which considerably cuts their cost and gives them a highly competitive position on the market.

Compact, light, energy-efficient motors

Contrary to conventional electric motors, Whylot-manufactured motors (also called magnet motors) are very energy-efficient. They are also part of an emerging eco-responsible approach in industry. We have over 20 patents and our expertise enables us to use new designs to significantly reduce motor weight and volume by retaining performance at a competitive price. Our motors can be used in industry as well as for on-board solutions.

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The advantages of our motors

  • very high power-to-weight ratio electric motors;
  • technology that fits with very strict space requirements;
  • no start-up surge;
  • very low heat losses;
  • reliable over time and hard-wearing.

A sample product: the industrial motor

WHYLOT has developed a new ultra-compact electric motor to drive turbines in oven facilities (low-pressure cementation ovens). Gains made: 3-fold reduction in length and efficiency increased from 75% to 97%.

A sample product: traction motor

In 2015, WHYLOT developed a high-performance flat motor/generator delivering 130 kW of mechanical power at 9000 RPM for two minutes, for a mass of 20 KG. It reaches 97.5% efficiency at a linear speed of 150 m/s.


Exemple de réalisation: production

WHYLOT dispose une usine de 1500m2 de surface pour innover, rechercher et fabriquerUne équipe composée des ingénieurs et des techniciens expérimentés est en place pour réaliser les prototypes et les petits series de nos moteurs innovants.

This motor is clearly more compact and much lighter and offers a power-to-weight ratio 20-times greater than that for an equivalent asynchronous motor, and 98% efficiency.



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