Actuator electromagnetic

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Innovation is always at the core of our eco-design approach. As managing energy is such a key issue, electromagnetic actuators manufactured by WHYLOT set tomorrow’s standards, i.e. fewer raw materials, smaller, lighter actuators at competitive prices.

Our actuator’s all-in-one design helps replace systems by combining an electric motor with a gear reducer.

Innovative electromagnetic actuators

WHYLOT develops and manufactures highly efficient, energy-saving electromagnetic actuators that can be used in various processes, from torque, force or current measurement to converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.


Light and economic actuators

Using an innovation-based approach, actuators designed by Whylot are smaller and require fewer raw materials. They are also lighter and sold at competitive prices. As part of this approach, we can also provide you with tailor-made solutions.


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The advantages of our actuators

  • ultra-compact permanent magnet technology;
  • reduced weight for outstanding transitional output under 15A;
  • direct drive;
  • wide operating temperature range;
  • 6-step electronic control system;
  • ON/OFF function.

Actuators designed and manufactured by WHYLOT combine both power and compactness in an all-new design concept that does away with multiple duplications and reduces long-term maintenance costs.



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