Sealed contactless couplings

Our contactless magnetic couplings transmit power without using hermetic seals under very high pressure. This contactless transmission can be achieved through glass, ceramics or stainless steel, and all types of material according to environmental constraints.

They guarantee perfect seals and are reliable whatever the conditions of use, e.g. extreme temperature, corrosive, or very high-pressure environments.

Sealed contactless magnetic couplings

WHYLOT has unique expertise in designing magnetic and magneto-mechanical systems. Based on more than a decade’s worth of scientific studies, WHYLOT has developed analytical formulations to describe magnetic, mechanical and thermal interactions in electromagnetic systems.

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WHYLOT also has expertise in designing assembly and test benches for electromagnetic systems. We have considerable experience in producing rotating magnetic coupling test benches, from design to test stage.


Perfect seals

Our magnetic couplings make it possible to separate two gaseous environments (external environment and enclosure containing toxic gases) without using hermetic seals.

These systems are vital to ensure perfect, lasting and reliable seals whatever the application, e.g. at low and high temperatures, in corrosive atmospheres, highly chemical environments and at high pressures, etc.

Areas of application

Our magnetic couplings guarantee ultra-efficient high torque transmission with no wear or leaks thanks to guaranteed sealed drives. They are perfect for your applications in the nuclear industry to isolate weak acids or other toxic products from the external environment. As such, they are well adapted to the petrochemical, chemical, food industries, the energy market, aeronautics and space.

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The advantages of our couplings

  • rotating transmission systems without mechanical connections;
  • contactless power transmission by rotating magnetic fields;
  • can operate in a corrosive chemical environment and at high-pressure;
  • considerably reduced maintenance operations.

Vital systems to guarantee perfect, lasting and reliable seals whatever the application: at low and high temperatures, in corrosive atmospheres, highly chemical environments and at high pressures.

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